Looking for work in a pandemic

Today I got an email from a recent resume client, whose name I have changed for obvious reasons. I could feel the underlying anxiety and fear come through the screen when I read it:

Hi Mandy:

I hope this email finds you well. I’m writing because I have literally done nothing with my resume or anything and now can’t remember what I’m supposed to do! I’ve been isolated for about a month now and just trying to hold on. My work is a disaster. I had no sales last month and nothing for this month either. Just curious what you’re hearing out there?

Be safe!

I replied right away with encouragement and an offer to help.

Hi Patricia!

Good to hear from you. I feel your anxiety and worry, we’re all experiencing it these days. Do you want to schedule a call to go over the stuff you’ve forgotten and just touch base? I’m happy to set up some time to talk, no cost or anything like that just extra help.

Unfortunately I’m not hearing much that’s different from what you’re likely hearing: people are being laid off and unemployment is high. That’s not to say no one is hiring though. IT Authorities is hiring for several positions, so check out their website at https://www.itauthorities.com/

Also look on LinkedIn, there are definitely jobs out there. I find it helps to look at companies you like or admire, then go to their LinkedIn pages and websites and see if they’re listing job openings. You can also reach out to people at those companies through LinkedIn and, at the very least, establish a connection. Then you’re a known entity for current and future opportunities.

Let me know if you want to set up a time to chat tomorrow or later this week, or this weekend. Hugs!

Be well,

For everyone else who’s feeling the same worry as Patricia I offer the same advice: Reach out to people at target companies and make yourself known. Offer to pitch in on a project or brainstorm some marketing ideas or just chat with them about the current situation we’re all experiencing. In this way you become a real person, rather than just another image on their screen, and when the time comes that they do have a hiring need they just might think of you first.

Good luck out there everyone! Keep your chins up, remember to take some deep breaths every hour, and give yourself permission to take that nap or watch that TV show. These are unprecedented times for most of us and being kind to ourselves and each other needs to be a priority.

Also, if you want to chat with me about job searching, your resume, the current state of employment, or even dinner recipes, please message me. I’m here to help in any way I can and I’m rooting for you all!

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