“I’m truly impressed with your ability to get all of my major accomplishments onto two clear, succinct, easy-to-read pages. I think one of the best things about my experience was how efficient the process was and how you listened, absorbed, and translated what I said into a really great resume. Thank you for your help – I am completely satisfied with your work.”

– M. Cultrera, VP Business Analytics and Project Management

“I felt my interview with you was very enlightening and I am impressed with how you translated my thoughts into an action- and results-oriented resume that makes me look great. I’m really happy with your service.”

– T. Tillman, Director of Strategic Relations

“I really appreciated the extended amount of time that J Allan Resume Studios spent with me dissecting my career experience. The end result is a package of career documents that I’m confident clearly portray my unique value as an employee. The ‘little extras’ made this experience money most definitely well spent.”

– L. Locknane, Senior Engagement and Project Manager

“I didn’t know how the resume was going to turn out, as I left it totally in your hands. I’m very happy with the end result and see that the resume and letters convey exactly what I wanted conveyed, in a concise and easy-to-read format.”

– M. Dragoni, Regional Director of Sales and Operations

“Mandy was a pleasure to work with. She was attentive to my requirements and walked me through the process with true professionalism. I would not have received the same results without her.”

– C. Nelson, VP of Sales

“Thanks for all the hard work and dedication in assisting me in my professional career! What I like best about working with you is your timely response, attention to detail, and friendly and professional staff.”

– J. Miller, Medical Program Manager

“J Allan Studios is very professional and responsive; their services are great and my resume looks great – I would not have thought to present it in such a ‘fresh’ way. It was an expensive resume but it paid off – I got a hit on my new resume within a couple of days of using it and was offered a position at a national company with great pay, hours, and benefits. Thanks! I enjoyed working with you.”

– L. Vassell, Operations Manager

“J Allan Studios was easy to work with, making a situation that holds potential for complexity very simple.”

– R. Mangini, CEO of an international home goods producer

“I came to J Allan Studios with a generic one-page resume that in no way portrayed my strengths or abilities. I left with a substantial two-page resume showcasing my skills and accomplishments, a persuasive cover letter, a powerful interview follow-up letter, and confidence in my job search. At first it seemed like a lot to spend on a resume, but working with J Allan Studios is so much more than getting just a resume and is worth the price.”

– J. Vinciguerra, Sales Director

“I was impressed at the level at which Mandy could synthesize the work that I had been involved in – not an easy thing to do in a technical field. I also like the fact that the process was very collaborative and that she was open to making a change that I suggested but also that she would push back if my suggestion wasn’t good in her opinion – this was important but I really needed that external perspective.”

– M. Cadden, Senior Director of Software Development

“My new resume is really good. Mandy has a great ear to listen to professional histories and interpret them in print. Thank you – it’s great.”

– S. Ehrenkrantz, Marketing Director

“Thanks for making this process so painless. This has been a great experience.”

– R. Kuhn, Regional Project Manager

“Mandy at J Allan Studios is a wonderful resume writer who took the time to really get inside my career and understand my strengths and skills. I feel confident using my new resume, because it’s focused and really showcases what makes me a good candidate. Even though my experience is highly technical and specialized, Mandy did a great job of understanding what is it I do and then making a resume that’s easy to read even for non-technical people.”

– C. Campos, Business Intelligence Analyst

“Mandy was able to take my experiences as a volunteer and translate them into skills valuable to the business world in a way that I could never have achieved. She was a pleasure to work with and gave me a greater sense of confidence in my ability to land a great job. I already have two job interviews this week and a third company asked me to call them and set something up. Thanks again for all your help!

– S. Frye, Project Manager

“Working with Mandy made preparing my resume easy. I was worried about a few key points, but she had answers and work-arounds for all of my concerns. Her turnaround was just as promised, and I got a terrific resume for much less than what I was quoted at other places. I have 3 interviews with 3 excellent companies and I know your resume played a huge part in it. I am telling everyone about you!”

– K. Vasterling, National Sales Director

I enjoyed speaking with you. I definitely like your thinking and approach. You have looked at my job experience from a completely different perspective… one that I never would have thought of.”

– M. Anderson, Sales Account Executive

Thank you for your excellent work. I wasn’t sure my professional background was strong enough for the positions I want, but you went through my work history with a fine-toothed comb and showed me the strong skills I have under my belt – and put them into a succinct resume.”

– S. Balthazard, Business Development Agent

“I am very happy to have this new, fresh approach to my job search. My prior resume was outdated and I felt it was precluding my getting interviews. I’m confident this new resume is going to change things. You really did a fine job of quickly pulling this together without my having to do much. It’s been an absolute pleasure.”

– L. Bystrom, Business Development Director

“Mandy encapsulated the most important facets of my career experience in clearly defined sentences as opposed to paragraphs. She was able to provide a professional resume that included the key words required for my desired prospective employers. I was very comfortable with the process, and the completed document concisely outlined 20+ years of experience into two pages, ensuring my core competencies and desired message were conveyed in an effective manner.”

– D. Dragoni, VP of Sales and Operations

I have been to four interviews already and I’m still receiving a lot of response. It’s my belief that soon I will land a well-paying job, thanks to your advice.”

– A. Joseph, Senior Marketing Executive

“J Allan Resume Studios did a wonderful job of portraying me professionally. They took some highly-specific experience and presented it in a way that will appeal to other industries.”

– L. Oberg, Training Director

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